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Black Pudding Scotch Egg

We use Charles Macleod Stornoway black puddings, which are internationally recognised and listed as having Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status. Deep, rich and full of flavour, this hearty arrangement of marbled pork is one of our most popular varieties.  

Chilli Scotch Egg

Inspired by our friends at the Clifton Chilli Club, we’ve gone for flavour as well as heat. Combining habaneros for heat with chorizo spices, we feel we’ve really captured the heart and soul of this fruit in our egg.

Gluten-Free Traditional Scotch Egg

Free from all sources of gluten, this egg doesn't compromise on our traditional flavour. All these eggs are put through the fryers first and with different oil, but are made in the same kitchen as the rest of the gang.

Traditional Scotch Egg

Made to an original recipe using our own blend of spices, herbs, rusk and seasoning, we’ve tried very hard to maintain the natural pork flavour. By far our most popular egg, and has been for the past five years, we have no doubt this tried and tested recipe will continue to please everybody who eats one – the jewel in our baker’s crown.

Pork & Apple Scotch Egg

Here we’ve adapted our Traditional Scotch Egg by swapping water for scrumpy and adding dried Bramley apples to really compliment the meat’s flavour. A sweeter egg, we’re unsure of its alcoholic volume, so wouldn’t recommend driving after half a dozen!

Vegetarian Scotch Egg

Creative, fruity, spicy, keep the taste buds keen and zipping. Our magic mixture of beans and pulses keep the crowds coming back for more. Most certainly not just for the vegetarians, this is an egg for everybody. Unbelievably tasty and just as heavenly cold as warmed back up again, we won’t claim this egg will turn you vegetarian but be warned nonetheless!  

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